Service marketing for your car dealership

We support car dealerships in addressing existing customers personally via various marketing channels.


Why is lead generation essential for your dealership?

Our service marketing ensures you personalized addresses and provides an improved customer experience. Your dealership's online brand presence is enhanced and your business success increases through more satisfied customers.


Our products in service marketing

Email and SMS campaigns

We design targeted email and SMS campaigns that move along your needs and goals to create a customized strategy for your service marketing success

Evaluation campaigns

With our rating campaigns, you strengthen your online reputation. We help you collect valuable customer feedback and make the most of it to gain the trust of potential customers and maintain your image.

Cross-selling campaigns

Our expertise in cross-selling helps you tap additional sales potential at your dealership. We develop customized campaigns that draw your existing customers' attention to related products or services and thus increase your success.


Your keys to success at the dealership: personalized aftersales marketing!

Long-term customer loyalty at the dealership made easy! Our aftersales marketing creates the bridge to strong customer relationships and gives your communication the personal touch it deserves. Discover the benefits of better customer communication, a strengthened brand presence and sustainable business success through happier customers.


Your advantages

Improved communication

Personalized speeches for an improved customer experience

Optimized market presence

We strengthen your market presence for your car dealership

Higher customer satisfaction

For an increase in your business success

100% Car dealership

We offer a 360° degree solution approach for your car dealership.


Successful projects for our customers


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