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We guarantee your customers maximum flexibility when dropping off and picking up their vehicles, while at the same time relieving your service staff of the burden of accepting service at the dealership.


Why is the Self-Service Station essential for your dealership?

The intelligent self-service technology Tjekvik is in operation around the clock and significantly relieves your service staff, especially at peak times. In addition, the waiting times of the customer are reduced. You decide which additional services you want to offer your customers seasonally via the station and can thus generate higher revenues.


Our products for the Self-Service Station

Self-Service Station Indoor

The intelligent self-service technology Tjekvik enables its customers to check in conveniently from home and just deposit the key in the designated locker on site.

Self-Service Station Outdoor

The Self-Service Station Outdoor provides your customers with a convenient check-in from home and a round-the-clock service to leave the key in the locker.


Optimize your car dealership: Intelligent self-service solution for indoors and outdoors!

Our self-service stations offer your customers the opportunity to drop off and pick up keys around the clock. Easy request of payment via smartphone—indoors as well as outdoors. Increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction with our intelligent self-service technology. Make the decision to increase customer loyalty, flexibility, and customer loyalty in dealership management.


Your advantages

Higher revenues due to range of additional services

During check-out, customized additional services are offered.

Relief of the service staff

Through the self-service station, customers can drop off keys without waiting, inside or outside.

24/7 in use

The robust outdoor self-service station allows customers to drop off or pick up their cars around the clock.

100% Car dealership

We offer a 360° degree solution approach for your car dealership.


Successful projects for our customers


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