Process and digital consulting

We help your dealership increase process efficiency, save time and resources, and increase sales in times of digital transformation and rising customer expectations.


Why is process consulting aftersales essential for your dealership?

Increasing electromobility and autonomous driving will require adjustments to the sales and service process in car dealerships, which must be properly integrated into existing processes. In addition, customer expectations are changing rapidly due to digitalization . This requires the use of seamless online/offline experiences for the customer. A dealership's sales and marketing strategies should be designed in such a way that online and offline sales channels are linked.


Our products for process and digital consulting

Analysis of the degree of utilization of the manufacturer's systems

e.g. Xentry or DMS, with a subsequent evaluation of the analysis.

Training plan

Creation of an individual training plan based on the evaluation of the analysis and the requirements of the dealership.

Direct support

On-the-job training based on the analysis and requirements of the dealership.

Recommendation for action

We analyze responsibilities, develop concrete proposals for solutions with a time schedule and the need for resources


Increase efficiency and sales!

Our Aftersales process consulting optimizes your existing processes and ensures that your digital solutions meet constantly changing requirements. Achieve impressive results, including increased process efficiency, time and resource savings, and a sustainable increase in sales.


Your advantages

Increase process efficiency

Our aftersales process consulting optimizes your existing processes and ensures that your digital solutions meet the constantly changing requirements.

Sales increase

We ensure that your dealership sales and marketing strategy is designed to link online and offline sales channels.

Time and resource savings

We ensure regular review and implementation of necessary adjustments so that the digital solutions meet changing requirements.

100% Car dealership

We offer a 360° degree solution approach for your car dealership.


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