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Enable your car dealership customers to enjoy round-the-clock service. 

Tjekvik is a digital self-service station where your customers can hand in their vehicle keys contactless and collect them after the service has been completed. The resulting capacities of your service team can be used for customers who require intensive consultation, thus increasing satisfaction among the customer group. Increase your process efficiency with a one-time investment for process integration and monthly rental costs for Tjekvik.

As of now

With the OUTDOOR terminal, you offer your customers a digital and contactless experience from registration to drop-off to vehicle pick-up, even outside of business hours.
Tjekvik acts as a "digital employee" who performs a qualified service intake with your customers and takes the key. Once the service is complete, payment can be requested as well as vehicle return.

Simply experience Tjekvik.


Advantages at a glance

Maximum flexibility for vehicle drop-off & pick-up even outside opening hours

Reduced waiting times & rush hours

Generation of additional sales with integrated payment function and refinancing of costs


Measurable success with Tjekvik

We help you achieve great competitive advantages for your dealership.

Using the example of a car dealership that uses our digital service employee Tjekvik to handle an average of approx. 20% of daily business via the terminals, we were able to determine that 41% of customers buy additional products or services and that this results in a time saving of 20h in the service reception per month.

Benefit from Tjekvik - your digital service agent.

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Aftersales Platform

Enable successful aftersales sales in your dealership with our Aftersales Platform.

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Digital order check

We show you how to optimise your dealership's service invoices with our customised tool product.

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SPPS assist

So that you can spend your valuable time advising customers, we take over the necessary activities with SPPS assist for your car dealership.

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