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Secure your car dealership in compliance with the GDPR!

With our data protection management solutions, you protect yourself optimally against fines and image damage.

Car dealerships often lose track of the jungle of legal requirements. The use of their own data protection officer, on the other hand, takes up resources and time. By integrating our intelligent data protection management, processes of all company divisions and the digital office of your car dealership are made GDPR-proof. Gain a competitive advantage by integrating our data protection management.

Advantages at a glance

Training opportunities and awareness raising for the team

Protection against fines and image damage

Competitive advantages through risk minimisation


GDPR compliant car dealership

We help you to develop custom-fit solutions for your individual data protection requirements.

Car dealerships can literally lose their way in the jungle of legal requirements. Having their own data protection officer, on the other hand, takes up resources and time. With the right data protection management, car dealerships receive custom-fit solutions for their individual requirements.

As experts for data protection in the mobility environment, we work with you to develop custom-fit solutions for your individual requirements.

With the appointment of a data protection officer, we take over the preparation of data protection declarations, data protection inquiries and the handling of data breaches for you. To protect you from fines and damage to your image, we also offer to review websites, contracts and other relevant content.

For a sustainable awareness of information security for all car dealership employees who regularly handle personal data in the course of their work, we support your team with a clear as well as comprehensive eLearning. In particular for the annually required instruction of your employees on the topic of data protection according to Art. 39 of the General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) as well as for your data protection coordinators and decision makers, we offer you individual trainings.

Digital sensitisation
With our eLearning, you train and sensitise the car dealership team on site based on legal requirements (GDPR). We support you with our years of experience in securing all company areas and the digital office of your car dealership.

Strengthened image
Protect your dealership from fines and image damage with our data protection management solutions. We take over the entire integration of data protection management depending on your way of working.

Great competitive advantage
With our eLearning, you avoid travel costs and disruptions to your operations. We offer you the advantage of active data protection in your dealership for an increase in customer satisfaction and as a confidence-building measure with your dealership customers.

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Generate a competitive advantage through employee training on data protection.

We have put together a clear and comprehensive eLearning for the annual data protection employee training. Here, your team will learn everything about the pillars of the GDPR through clearly structured content.


Consent Manager

Since the ECJ ruling of 01.10.2019, website operators must provide comprehensive information about cookies set and actively obtain consent from their website visitors regarding the processing of personal data within the framework of the Cookie Directive. Constant changes to laws, regulations or resolutions make this GDPR-compliant design more difficult. Therefore, always keep your websites up to date and GDPR-compliant with our Consent Manager.


Whistleblower Protection Act

With aubex as your compliance officer for whistleblowers, you not only fulfill the obligation contained in the future Whistleblower Protection Act to implement internal reporting channels. You also learn about grievances at an early stage and can act immediately before a scandal goes public and jeopardizes your reputation.


SPPS Package Manager

Improve the data quality of your dealership with SPPS!

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