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With our content marketing measures, you improve the relationship with your car dealership customers by addressing them according to their needs.

Contacts are made and maintained online these days. So to counteract backsliding customer interest, car dealerships need to present themselves convincingly. To do this, we take care of your website and social media profiles, design relevant content for your target group and oversee your CMS system. Use our experience in content marketing for qualitative customer contacts.

Advantages at a glance

Maintenance of the
CMS system

Maintenance of the
social media profiles

Content creation and design


Content marketing in line with demand

We help you to present your car dealership convincingly.

Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and co. - each online channel follows its own rules for success. With content marketing, car dealers offer the right content for their prospects and increase customer satisfaction.

Our content marketing solutions improve relationships with your dealership customers by addressing them according to their needs. By maintaining and designing the CRM system, website, social media profiles and other relevant online channels for your target group, we help you to present your dealership in a convincing way.

Well-maintained CMS
With a content management system (CMS), you design and organise digital content to address your target group in a targeted manner. For efficient handling of the content volumes for your online channels, we support you in maintaining your CMS.

Cultivated online channels
the loss of interest of your car dealership customers by continuously maintaining your online channels. We enable an optimized customer approach by managing your dealership's website and social media profiles.

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Online marketing

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Aftersales marketing

Increase your service potential through
Aftersales for car dealerships!

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