Paperless service process
for your dealership


The paperless service process.

With our paperless service process, you measurably shape the employee and customer satisfaction of your dealership.

The use of paper documents to store and pass on information is no longer up-to-date in view of the digital alternatives. Paperless processes, on the other hand, enable efficient processing of orders. The time relief for your car dealership team also increases work motivation and customer satisfaction. Take the step in the process of tidying up and digitising your car dealership together with our know-how and software solutions.

Advantages at a glance

Order & clarity in everyday work

Efficient processing of orders

Relief for the team


Effective service process

We help you to gain more time for your customers.

Dull pens, loose sheets of paper flying around and folders piled up in high towers on desks - this work environment eats up time and nerves. In contrast, car dealerships with a paperless service process enable them to serve their customers efficiently with just a few clicks.

Our paperless service process relieves and motivates your service staff by efficiently processing and depositing orders. We support you in this essential step in the process of digitising your dealership, which increases your potential consultation time with customers and thus shapes your employee and customer satisfaction.  

Motivating work environment
With paperless processes, you enable your service team to work in a tidy and clear atmosphere. With the use of our paperless service process, we actively support you in increasing your team motivation.

Efficient order processing
Avoid wasting time searching for relevant documents to process orders. By setting up our Paperless Service Process, you increase the efficiency of your service team and thus the satisfaction of your dealership customers.

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