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Get started with your digitisation.

With our advice regarding your digital strategy, you gradually implement the digitalisation goals of your dealership.

Considering the cost and performance factors, decisions for the digital transformation of car dealerships are very difficult. Taking into account your dealership's existing infrastructure, we therefore support you with a concept design that includes your digitalisation goals. Tackle the digital transformation of your dealership with an individual plan.

Advantages at a glance

Target-oriented roadmap especially for car dealerships

Step-by-step implementation of digitisation goals

Independent of existing software and hardware


Realisable digital strategy

We help you implement your dealership's digitization goals.

In times of digital transformation, a decision to digitally transform car dealerships is very difficult, especially considering the cost and performance factors. However, with a suitable concept design from aubex, the implementation of digitalisation goals for car dealerships is child's play.

Our digitization strategy offers such a draft concept, taking into account the existing infrastructure of your dealership. Following the creation of an as-is analysis, in which the existing structures of your dealership are scanned, concrete measures are identified in order to thus achieve the set goals. We support you in the implementation of your digitization goals with an individual plan for your car dealership.

Target-oriented roadmap
Our digital strategy provides you with a clear list of the next relevant steps in the implementation of your digitalisation goals. We will assist you with the individual conception for your car dealership.

Easy implementation
Prevent a technological backlog with our digital strategy for your car dealership. With our years of know-how, we enable the step-by-step implementation of your digitalisation goals.

Adaptable concept
With a strategy that is independent of existing software and hardware, you can easily implement the next digitisation steps of your dealership. We design your digitisation strategy for easy realisation completely individually for your car dealership.

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Make your mark on the digitalisation of your dealership with our paperless service process!

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