The digital service employee
for your car dealership.


Tjekvik - your digital service agent.

With our digital service agent Tjekvik, you offer an innovative customer experience for contactless transactions in your dealership.

Long waiting times at car dealerships are a major factor in dissatisfied customers. By using our digital service employee Tjekvik, customers can access a service at your dealership without an appointment, especially at peak times. At the same time, you relieve your dealership team. Ensure the satisfaction of your customers with our digital service employee Tjekvik. 

Tjekvik Outdoor

With the OUTDOOR terminal, you offer your customers a digital and contactless experience from registration to drop-off to vehicle pick-up, even outside of business hours.
Tjekvik acts as a "digital employee" who performs a qualified service intake with your customers and takes the key. Once the service is complete, payment can be requested as well as vehicle return.

  • Maximum flexibility for vehicle drop-off & pick-up even outside opening hours

  • Reduced waiting times & rush hours

  • Generation of additional sales with integrated payment function and refinancing of costs

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Advantages at a glance

Direct, innovative customer service

Relief for the service team

Time saving due to easy handling


Digital service employee for your car dealership.

We help you gain new customers in an automated way.

The lack of service offerings during peak hours makes car dealership customers prone to impatience and displeasure. With a digital service agent, car dealerships avoid such unpleasant waiting times.

Our digital service agent Tjekvik offers an innovative customer experience for contactless transactions. We are here to help you reduce the workload of your service team and increase the satisfaction of your dealership customers.

Innovative customer service
With our digital service agent Tjekvik, you make contactless service processes such as key handovers possible around the clock. We support you in reducing waiting times for customers and thereby increasing overall team and customer satisfaction.

Efficient customer contact
Help your dealership achieve fast workshop utilisation by quickly accepting multiple customers with our digital service employee Tjekvik. By easing the workload on service staff, we enable you to use the freed-up capacity for customers who require intensive advice.

Ease of use
With a digital service employee, you increase your dealership customers' willingness to buy additional offers, because unlike staff, they are not perceived as intrusive. For better product sales, we incorporate our digital service employee Tjekvik with integrated payment function into your dealership.

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Enable your car dealership customers to service around the clock.

Tjekvik is a digital self-service station where customers can drop off their car keys contactless and pick them up after service. Increase your process efficiency with an investment in Tjekvik.


Paperless service process

Make your mark on the digitalisation of your dealership with our paperless service process!

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