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Our digital order check measurably increases the yield of your workshop orders without additional effort.

Staff absences and order peaks make it difficult to complete workshop orders satisfactorily due to a lack of information. To keep customers satisfied, our solution ensures your dealership maintains stable data and order quality, as well as compliance with internal and external standards for invoicing and order processing. Use our digital order check for stable data and order quality in your dealership. 

Advantages at a glance

Improved order and data quality

Compliance with internal and external standards

Increased revenue from workshop orders


Quick order check

We help you to optimize your service invoices in an automated way.

With analogue systems, staff absences can make it so difficult to access information in a dealership that appointments are overlooked, customer requests are not included and invoices are issued incorrectly. With the digital order check, car dealerships receive an individual tool for optimising their service invoices.

With the digital order check, you measurably increase your customer satisfaction and the success of your workshop orders through stable data and order quality. With our digital order check, we support you in complying with internal and external standards for invoicing and order processing. In addition, we offer you on-site and digital coaching for the initial introduction to the system, for the induction of new employees or as a refresher.

Better quality
With the digital order check, you check orders after invoicing using over 40 rules. We support you in establishing consistent quality order completions in your dealership.

Consistent standards
Prevent the issuing of incorrect invoices and an unhappy clientele during order peaks or staff shortages. By adhering to internal and external standards and built-in notice texts for your team, we enable your dealership to maintain a consistent standard of invoicing.

Increased revenues
Our digital order check automatically checks your invoiced orders and detects if and where data is missing or needs to be corrected. By using the digital order check, your car dealership team saves time on invoicing and thus ensures increased workshop revenues.

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Digital order check

Optimise your service invoices with our customised product. 


Paperless service process

Make your mark on the digitalisation of your dealership with our paperless service process!

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Always be available to your dealership customers with our digital service agent Tjekvik!

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