Workflow management systems
for your car dealership.


Automate workflows in your dealership!

Our workflow management system automates standardised processes in your dealership.

Exchanging team members on repetitive processes is an inefficient time eater for car dealerships. Our workflows are flexible to adapt to changes and simplify your digital workflows, allowing you to make quick decisions through intelligent document management. Gain more time for your customers by using our workflow management system in all areas of your business.

Advantages at a glance

processes in all areas of the company

Transparency and intelligent document management

Quick decision making


Efficient workflow system

We help you gain more time with automated processes.

Our workflow management systems can be flexibly adapted to changes and simplify your digital workflows in the dealership. By using our time-efficient process management, we support you in focusing on your customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

Automated processes
With our workflow management system, you automate standardised processes in all business areas of your dealership. We are at your side with our years of know-how in setting this up.

Transparent document management
Don't lose track of your relevant information at the dealership with intelligent document management. By setting up a workflow management system, we enable your team members and customers to see your processes transparently.

Fast decision-making
With a workflow management system, you adapt flexibly to changes in your car dealership processes. For efficient decision-making and satisfied customers, we make it possible for you to access all relevant information.

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Interface management system

Guarantee automated data exchange in your dealership!

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Process automation (RPA)

Automate your routine car dealership tasks!

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