Interface Management Systems
for your dealership.


The automated exchange of data.

With our configurable interface management systems, you ensure the exchange of data within your IT systems.

Car dealerships operate inefficiently when individual departments act as stand-alone ecosystems and use applications that are independent of each other. By linking the software solutions of the respective departments, you avoid double entries and inconsistent data. Increase the data quality and work efficiency of your dealership with our interface management systems at the touch of a button or fully automated.

Advantages at a glance

Easy data exchange between systems

No duplicates and inconsistent data

Increase data quality and work efficiency


Individual interface system

We help you to ensure automated data exchange.

Completely independent departments lack transparent exchange. With an interface management system, car dealerships create the foundation for effective work processes.

Our sustainable interface management system ADDS ensures the automated exchange of data between different standard car dealership applications of your dealership. We support you in linking software solutions of the respective departments so that double entries and inconsistent data in the diverse systems are avoided and the overall satisfaction is increased.

Easy data exchange
With an interface management system you link all relevant data of your car dealership. We support you in setting up the automated data exchange through ADDS with our years of know-how.

Increased data quality
Prevent duplicates and inconsistent data by using ADDS as an interface management system. We enable the avoidance of cumbersome selections by your car dealership team at the push of a button or fully automated.

Increased work efficiency
With the linking of software solutions through ADDS, you receive selected and processed data. We therefore set up our interface management system for fast decision-making and increased work efficiency in your dealership.

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Automate data exchange between your dealership applications with our customised ADDS interface solutions.


Workflow management system

Automate workflows in your dealership!

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Process automation (RPA)

Automate your routine car dealership tasks!

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