Process automation (RPA)
for your car dealership


Automate your routine car dealership tasks!

Automate your routine car tasks!

Our bots automate routine tasks at your dealership. Processing repetitive, routine tasks is a tedious task for car dealerships. With the use of Robotic Process Automation software, you minimise errors and the expenditure of resources through standardised, automated processes. Increase resource efficiency in all areas of your dealership by using our RPA software and make your employees' work easier.

Currently, the integration of our RPA bot is possible for order preparation as well as for invoicing in the future. For more information on our RPA software, click on the button.

Advantages at a glance

Resource efficiency

Error-free process handling

Relief for employees


Process automation with RPA

Bots take over routine tasks with the help of aubex RPA.

Handling routine tasks is an inefficient time eater for car dealerships. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), car dealerships automate standardized processes for increased service potential.

Our RPA software uses bots to automate repetitive tasks within your software applications. With the technical and professional knowledge, we support you in the implementation and realisation of the relevant and automatable processes. By using our time-efficient RPA software, we help you focus on your customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Which processes can be automated?
With our RPA software, you can automate standardised activities in all areas of your dealership. We support you with our many years of know-how in setting it up so that a secure data connection to your respective systems is also guaranteed. Above all, we focus our RPA software on order processing and invoicing. Our consultants will show you how you can make work easier in your business.

Better data quality
Prevent errors in the handling of processes by using RPA as automation software. We enable the prevention of inadvertently erroneous results through the processing of team members at the push of a button or fully automated.

Increased work efficiency
By using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you reduce the need for human employees for routine processes. Setting up RPA software frees up your dealership team for customer service operations, improving your customer relationships in the long run.

Just try RPA
Child's play automation? Our experts will show you how you can make the work in your car dealership much easier and more efficient! We support you from the conception to the implementation and application of a suitable process automation.

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Interface management system

Guarantee automated data exchange in your dealership!

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Workflow management system

Automate workflows in your dealership!

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